Both landscapes were created using computer-generated fractal mathematics. If mathematics can create these landscapes, could mathematical laws also create our world? If so, where did these laws come from?

While huddled around the late-night fire, our ancient ancestors probably wondered:

Why are there lights in the night sky?
Why do the things around us exist?
Why is there something rather than nothing?

We are fortunate because today's knowledge provides answers to these ancient questions. We now know that our universe is made out of one ingredient. This one ingredient is energy. In fact, our universe is made from two balancing energies. You, me and the objects around us are made out of positive mass energy. The other energy is negative gravitational energy that assembles the galaxies, stars and planets.

So let's see how the understanding of these simple energies answers the riddle of creation:
  1. Knowing how to uncreate the universe gives us insight into its creation from "nothing".
  2. The math of creation
  3. What is "nothing"?
  4. How balance can create "something" from "nothing".
  5. Why "nothing" is unstable:
  6. How was the mass and gravity in the universe created?
  7. Brief answers to the big questions:

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