The Ingredients of the Universe

ingredients of the universe

The Universe is made from only two ingredients. The first ingredient is the space that holds the second ingredient. The second ingredient is energy. Understand these two ingredients and you will understand the Universe.

The picture you are now viewing is a result of electromagnetic energy (light) being processed by your brain. The screen that you see is made of mass. Einstein's famous equation (E=mc2) tells us that this mass is just highly concentrated energy. When we view the universe, we find dark energy, dark matter and regular matter - all just energy. The electron, the proton, the neutron, the walls around you, the sky above you, the earth below you, the planets and the galaxies are all made of mass energy.

Besides mass energy, there is also gravitational energy that always goes along with the mass energy. You cannot have gravitational energy without mass energy or mass energy without gravitational energy. They go together like a married couple. The mass energy and the gravitational energy have one big difference. Mass energy is positive while the gravitational energy is negative. It is the negative gravitational energy that balances the positive mass energy so that the total energy in the universe is zero.

The ingredients that make us, the atoms in out bodies, are literally stardust from exploding stars. We are not only in the universe, the universe is in us.

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