We Live in Two Different Worlds

We all live in two worlds and these two worlds are vastly different from each other. There exists a world in our brain and a second world outside of the brain. Often, these two worlds do not match one another. The outside world is a reality “A” while others see the outside world as “B” or “C” and seldom, if ever, as “A”.

Our amazing brain can imagine and create massive skyscrapers as well as tiny computer chips. Our creative brain can also believe very goofy things such as turning water into wine, virgin births, rising from the dead, flat earth, walking on water and not to mention ghosts and demons. While dreaming, our brain can conjure up its own world.

Our brain is like a browser that interprets the outside world similar to how a web browser takes the website coding and paints a picture of the site. When we view a forest our brain paints the color green. But the color green does not exist in the outside world but is created inside our mind by turning the unique electromagnetic frequency coming from the outside into what the brain displays as the color green. The other colors don’t exist in the outside either. Each color is a unique frequency or blend of frequencies of incoming light. Our brain takes in these frequencies and creates a magnificent picture of a colorful world. We perceive this picture as real but is it really?

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