Was the universe fine-tuned for life?

After a severe rain storm, our ancient ancestor looks out over the field and sees hundreds of puddles. He marvels at how perfectly the shape of water matches the shape of the holes and declares the existence of God as the explanation.

Like our ancient ancestor, some claim that there must be a God since our universe is so fine-tuned for life. How can our universe be so fine-tuned for life when the SETI project has been probing our galaxy for over 30 years and has found none? How can our universe be so fine-tuned for life when it has taken over 4 billion years for intelligent life to develop on earth?

The numbers reveal a poor job of fine-tuning with most of the universe hostile to life. Read “The Fallacy of Fine-Tuning” by Victor Stenger for more.

The universe being fine-tuned for life is backwards. Life is fine-tuned to the universe, like the water shaping itself to the hole.

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