Where did the laws of the universe come from?

Did God create the laws or could the laws be eternal and uncreated? Let's take a closer look. Can the will of God change the value of Pi from 3.14159 to be 2, 3.7 or 4? Certainly not! Pi is a constant of nature that is beyond the control of God. Intelligent beings in any universe will always find the same value of Pi. Find a circle and a tape measure and check this for yourself.

Consider that the area of a circle is Pi times the radius squared. This law is also eternal and beyond God's control. Like the value of Pi, it just is.

Draw a triangle on a piece of paper and then use scissors to cut out the angles. Align the angles next to one another and you will get a straight line or 180 degrees. Now ask yourself if a creator can change this or if the angles of a triangle must always add up to 180 degrees.

Could God make the volume of a sphere not equal to (4/3) times Pi times the radius cubed? Certainly not! Could God change the law of gravity that also depends on the properties of a sphere? The laws seem to be in control and not God since even God must obey these laws.

Like the value of Pi, laws just are.

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