Was God Created?

Does God ever wonder how He came into existence? How can He explain Himself to Himself? Does God have a first memory? Or, being eternal, does God have an infinite amount of memories. How can an infinite amount of memories be stored without filling up every cubic inch of the universe? Remember, infinity is really really big – bigger than everything!

Why would the default be a complex God rather than a much simpler universe or an even simpler nothing? Perhaps the state of non-existence or “nothing” is so unstable that it explodes into the Big Bang making a complex God unnecessary.

The origin of God is a nasty question that religions try to dodge. They say “God has always existed, God is eternal, God was never created”. This hides the origin of God in the infinite past. It’s like saying “Honey, I will take out the trash in the infinite future”. In other words, the trash will never be taken out. It is impossible to ever reach the infinite future or the infinite past. Could it be that God never happened since the origin of God never happened?

Think about this: Things that exist have an origin. That tree has an origin. The earth and the sun have an origin. You and I have an origin. The Statue of Liberty has an origin.

Could no origin mean no existence? Consider this logic:

Things that exist have an origin.
God does not have an origin.
Therefore, God does not exist.

As a counter argument to the above logic, we can imagine that the constant Pi can exist as 3.14159... but doesn't seem to have an origin. We can easily understand why Pi exists and can prove its value with great accuracy but an intelligent God is much more difficult to explain. It seems that laws can exist without an origin, but can an intelligent God?

Should we redefine God as the laws that govern the universe?

Anyway, let's go ahead and consider some possible origins of an intelligent God:

  1. God created Himself. This answer has obvious problems.
  2. God was created by humans. This answer has possibilities since most gods have human characteristics.
  3. There is no God, so explaining the origin is unnecessary. This answer has possibilities since the universe could be the result of an unstable nothing becoming stable.

Did humans create these Gods?:

  1. Zeus: King of the Gods. He has a mother, father and siblings. He is married to Hera and has children. He has a son named Apollo who is also a God.
  2. Ra: Egyptian sun god usually shown with a human body and a falcon head. Spoke life into existence by naming each creature. Mankind was created from his tears and sweat. Ra is also the father of at least three daughter gods.
  3. Thor: Norse God of thunder and lightning. He is married to a goddess and has children. He is said to have red hair and a beard.
  4. Vishnu: A Hindu God often depicted as having a human body with a light blue or dark complexion and holding an object in each of four hands.
  5. Christian God: Generally referred to in the male gender. This God is in conflict with a bad guy named Satan who is depicted with horns and a long tail. This God also has helpers called angels. These angels are generally pictured in a human form with wings and a long robe. This God sent his son to earth. Born from a virgin, His son is generally pictured with arms, legs, eyes and other human characteristics.

Do you see a pattern here? Do you think these Gods could have been created by humans? Of course they were!

Most likely, the evolution of the human brain created Gods to help us respond to unjust conditions, help us control our behavior and help us deal with the unknown.

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