Do we have souls?

How could a soul remember who we are, navigate its way to heaven or hell and then recreate us so we can have bliss or be tortured? What would guide and power such an object on its journey? At what point in our evolution did the soul appear? Do plants and animals have souls? Did the Neanderthals have souls? Does the soul remember us when we are young and beautiful or when we are old and feeble? If we clone a person 27 times, do we also create 27 more souls? If people have souls, why would a physical brain injury alter personality? How could a soul select our information, store our information and then recreate us?

After thousands of years, we still can't answers these questions because the soul is merely a creation of the mind that allows religions to exist and provides us comfort when facing death.

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Was the universe fine-tuned for life?

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